Best Route and Experienced Guides:

Up Close with the Hollywood Sign !

The only tour that will get you up close and personal with the Hollywood sign, as close as legally possible, right up and above it.

We will also hit all the best vistas and landmarks along the way, including the highest vantage point in LA from which you will have spectacular views of the entire city, including downtown, Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, the valley, etc...

Experience & Preparation !

We are the only hiking tour offering 2 experienced guides per group on the long hike (1 guide on short hike), who are local to the area. All of them are experienced outdoorsmen and women who come equipped with the most up-to-date gear, including a sat phone, CB radios, first aid kit, survival straps, bear bell, pepper spray and more...

Our tour guides and hiking team is composed of experienced hikers and runners (some of them ultra-marathoners), with a combined experience on these routes of over 15 years.

But don't worry, we know this is a leisurely hike and take regular breaks.

We just believe being over-prepared is the best policy so we work only with the best, plus they always have great tips on fitness, nutrition, and gear for everything outdoors should you need advice.

Languages !

We Speak Your Language, 6 in total.

Our guides are multilingual and fluent in French, Spanish, Hebrew, Persian, Armenian, and English of course.

So if you are visiting from another country, we got you covered.

No other LA hiking tour operator offers foreign language capabilities.