What should I bring / wear ?

- 2 small bottles of water per person.

- Running or hiking shoes required / no sandals or open toe shoes.

- A hat is recommended, as well as sun glasses & sun screen.

- Dress according to weather - light layers when colder.

How long is the hike ?

The longer (Hollywood Sign) hike is around 7 miles and 3 hours.
The shorter (Griffith Park Overlook) hike is around 3 miles and 1H45mins.

IMPORTANT: The longer hike is classified as "intermediate" so hikers need to be in good physical health and with a fitness level to walk 7 miles and 3 hours. All attending will need to sign a waiver before the hike.

Cancellations & Weather:

We are blessed in southern California with good weather most of the year. Very rarely do we cancel. But we keep you informed. If the tour is cancelled, we can reschedule you. If rescheduling is not possible, we will issue a refund.

Click here for important information about getting there, parking, location and timing.

Can I bring my child ?

The longer (Hollywood Sign) hike is a real hike, and therefore we only accept children 12 and older. The shorter (Griffith Park Overlook) hike is shorter and limited to children over 6.

Either way, all attending must be fit for the task.

How close to the H. sign ?

Our 7 mile hike will take you as close as is legally possible to the HOLLYWOOD sign, which is just up and behind it, as you see in the picture. The 3 mile hike doesn't get that close but still offers great picture opportunities and other breathtaking vistas.

Are there bathrooms ?

We recommend you go to the bathroom before coming. There are bathrooms near the meeting / start point of the hike before we leave. After that and for the rest of the hike, there are no bathrooms.