Why LA Hiking Tours ?

2 hikes to choose from, 1 takes you ALL THE WAY to the Hollywood Sign !

While other tours say they will show you the sign... well, they mean from 5 miles away ! We are the only ones to bring you up close and personal, just above and behind the sign, almost within arms reach, and as close as legally possible.

And if you're not in the mood for the long hike and want something a little easier, we have a shorter hike that takes you to the best overlook in LA.

We speak 6 languages !

If you don't speak english, don't worry, we can conversate with you in French, Spanish, Hebrew, Persian and Armenian.

Experienced Guides

2 guides per group on the long hikes, 1 on the short hike, but always comprised of ultra-marathoners, desert racers, and experienced outdoorsmen and women who come equipped with a sat phone, first aid kit, and more....